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About Lawrence

Lawrence began his career in the reproduction of ancient mosaics in 2002 and has completed work for amongst others, the Museu Biblic in Tarragona, Spain and trained and lead the team that completed 5 of the 7 mosaics for Villa Ventorum in Somerset.

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Full floors to smaller details

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The Foundation Training in Roman Mosaics

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Shop supplies, staff training, lesson plans

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Making Roman Mosaics

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Academic conversation

Roman Mosaic Work

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Villa Ventorum, Somerset UK

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Reviews from clients

Making Roman Mosaics

I so enjoyed working on the one I had tiles for. The instruction book in itself was worth the money I spent. I spent 200AU on a mosaic class and didn’t learn most of what was in that book.

The Museum Guide

Lawrence, I just read your e-book about Roman Mosaics--I learned so much! I love the clarity of the explanations, drawings and images--it is a treasure! I'm so glad I signed up for your newsletter!

Bespoke Pattern

Lawrence saved me weeks of work trying to figure out and design these patterns on my own. He has spent years upon years studying these specialized techniques and actually designed the patterns specifically to the tesserae size I was using. (MK Mosaics)

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